Illinois Wildlife Control Operator's Association

The Illinois Wildlife Control Operators Association (IWCOA)

Members are professional wildlife control operators that exhibit a commitment to professionalism, continuing education and the improvement of the wildlife damage control profession through cooperation with others in the industry that share this same commitment.

"Who does your village refer?"

A professional wildlife control operator is a person that has demonstrated expertise in the art and science of applying the principles of wildlife damage management to the sound resolution of wildlife conflicts with humans.

It’s easier to recognize professionalism than it is to define it. You know if someone’s a professional or not. And you know if someone was a professional, but isn’t anymore. How do you want people to think about the companies your office recommends.

Skunk in Cage  

I don’t claim to be a mechanic because I can change the oil in my car or a dentist because I can brush my teeth. So what defines the wildlife damage management professional? ...technical and ethical standards. Professionalism means that throughout your working life, you will improve your knowledge, your skills, your wisdom, and your conduct.

Think about those four words. Our goal is to make sure your office recommends only the most competent individuals to handle wildlife in your village. Your decision affects both the homeowner and the wildlife that is causing the problem. Do what is right for both!

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