Not only are our members qualified to remove the problem animal(s), they are also experts in exclusion techniques to assure your problem does not come back!

Many of our members have on site construction crews ready to assist in making your home secure and safe from further animal conflicts.

Wildlife Management

Knowing what resources attract wildlife and taking steps to prevent wildlife damage are keys to reducing human-wildlife conflicts. The best approach to managing wildlife damage is a strategy of prevention based on removing resources.

Do not feed squirrels, raccoons, deer or other wildlife. There are strict rules on feeding wildlife set in the Illinois Administrative Code 17-635 and in the Illinois Digest of Hunting and Trapping.

Check your home regularly to make sure it is in good repair. Wildlife often enter homes through gaps in the structure, via chimneys, soffit vents, attic exhaust fan openings or vents, or through damaged roofs. Prevent access under decks or foundations.